⚠️Car – Winter Survival EDC ✅ Part 1 ✔ Vanessa Blank – Wild Woman Bushcraft- 4K –

⚠️Car – Winter Survival EDC ✅ Part 1 ✔ Vanessa Blank – Wild Woman Bushcraft- 4K –

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In this comprehensive two-parter, I present you my complete winter car EDC.
The content reflects a lot of information, so I split the video into 2 parts.
All products that I have shown in the video, I have tried below with the links to set.
All love and and stay safe
Vanessa Blank

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?✅ My equipment in the car:

? ?

✔️Avalanche shovel

✔️Ice scraper

✔️Ice pick

✔️Climbing rope

✔️Olight Flashlight (large)

✔️Backpack Dragon Egg

✔️Ulefon Outdoor mobile phone

✔️Walkie Talkie

✔️ Carinthia sleeping bag


✔️gas cooker

✔️ Esbit cooker

✔️ Breakdown spray


✔️ Suaoki mobile power supply

✔️ Small Powerbank

✔️ 1. Aid kit small

✔️ 1. Aid kit big

✔️Signal pistole

✔️Fire extinguisher

✔️ Emergency hammer

✔️ Tanks tape

✔️ Sasta Firestarter ( Instafire )

✔️ Business first aid kit

✔️ Cheap heat pads

✔️ One Day Survival Ration ( food )

✔️ Army blanket

✔️ Emergency whistle

✔️ Gruezi Bag

✔️Radio set CB

✔️ Security umbrella / tactical umbrella

✔️ Poncho

✔️ compass

✔️Waterproof block

✔️ Tow rope

✔️ Jump start cable

✔️ Folded spade

✔️Large solar panel

✔️ Pepper Spray / Cheap

✔️ Pepper spray / professional

✔️ NrG 5 emergency food

✔️ Drybag

✔️ DD Tarp Ultralight

✔️ Garmin GPS

✔️Swiza pocket knife:

✔️Ultralight merino wool blanket

✔️ Uco candle latern

✔️ Klean Kanteen bottle

✔️ Silky Bigboy saw

✔️Trink Natura bottle:

✔️Sleeping bag Carinthia Defence 4

✔️Prepper&Survival Book:

✔️ KHS Reaper Tactical watch


✔️ Light my Fire Firesteel

✔️ MSR fuel stove

✔️ Esbit cooker

✔️gas cooker

✔️ Olight R50 Seeker flashlight

✔️ Olight Mini S1R

✔️ Olight X7R light-monster

✔️ Eneloop – best AA Accu

✔️ Leatherman Freestyle

✔️ Leatherman Signal

✔️Garmin Navi

✔️snow chains


✔️Waterproof matches

✔️Paramedic emergency bag -ready packed

✔️Battery hand lamp

✔️Tension belts


✔️Pocket oven

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