?Difficult Riddles With Unusual Twists?

?Difficult Riddles With Unusual Twists?

Here is a new set of difficult riddles with unusual twists that will blow your mind! These logic puzzles will test your intelligence and ability to think outside the box! If you want your brain to work faster then try to solve different puzzles and trivia on a daily basis and the result will surprise you! You’re welcome to share your progress in the comments!

00:53 – Boost your critical thinking with this riddle on crime! Oliver wanted to go to a ski resort. ASAP. He boarded the next train…on December 21, 2019. Suddenly he looked down…the watch was missing! He screamed. His suitcase was with him while he ate. Only 4 people had been in the restaurant-car. The train conductor decided to question everyone.
Mary: I don’t know anything about the theft. I just got on the train. I’m running away from a very tricky relationship. I didn’t have time to steal anything.“
Jack: “I came to the restaurant-car to have a drink. There was so much smoke on the platform… It got an asthma attack. I didn’t hear a scream. I was coughing so hard!”
Dale: “I was separating peanuts on different plates. Salty on one and sweet on the other. Yeah, I’m weird.”
Kyle: “I was drinking coffee, getting ready for a long night. I like to sleep in the afternoon…and work through the night. I get a lot done!”
Who stole the suitcase?

02:57 – Get ready to test your intelligence with the next brain teaser! Oliver was glad he got his suitcase back. He continued his travels. He was nearing the resort! His dream vacation! It was all coming true! He snowboarded for the first time. He loved it! Soon Oliver was out of cash. Did he spend it all? NO! Someone stole it! The owner of the ski resort called a detective. The theft happened during last night’s blizzard. The ski season was over. There were only four guests, including Oliver.
Jim: “I didn’t go out of my room last night. I was sleeping.
Joana: “I took sleeping pills and fell asleep.”
John: “I was out all night! I just got in, a few minutes ago.
The detective knew who had stolen the money. Who did it?

04:38 – Another logic riddle that will make you do some hard thinking and increase your IQ! Thanks to the smart detective, Oliver got his money back. He decided to continue his journey. Soon he flew to a hotel by sea. The hotel was perfect…and very expensive! Sitting in the room, Oliver suddenly felt a pain in his leg. He had injured himself snowboarding. Oliver called a traumatologist. He soon knocked on the door. Oliver looked through the keyhole…and immediately called the hotel guard. Why?

06:00 – Test your attentiveness and logical thinking with this short brainy puzzle! Oliver grabbed his suitcase. He packed his laptop and money and left the hotel. Oliver decided to buy a second-hand car. The mob wouldn’t expect that! He liked 3 cars. When he saw the documents, he immediately chose his car. Which car did Oliver choose?

06:56 – This tricky riddle will improve your logic and test your survival skills! Oliver sped off to the next town. He drove for as long as he could. Soon he got tired. He stopped to eat something. He went into a supermarket. But he forgot to lock the car. When he got back in the car…someone was waiting for him. He tied up Oliver’s hands. Then he took him to a house. He untied Oliver… and threw him into the basement. There was nothing down there. The door was locked and it was dark. Oliver saw a small window…high up on the wall. There was a ladder! But it had knives instead of crossbars. How can Oliver climb to safety?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle made you do some hard thinking!

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