10 Tips to Survive a Kidnapping According to the Police

10 Tips to Survive a Kidnapping According to the Police

Most people don’t even think about the possibility of being kidnapped. But there’s a slim chance that it may happen to you. This experience is likely to be very traumatic. But if you know how to behave, the chances are high that you will come out of it unharmed.

Let’s imagine that criminals managed to get to you. Remind yourself that most victims of kidnappers survive their ordeal. Staying positive will help you not to lose heart. And this is the first and main step toward freedom. Remain calm, and don’t threaten your captors. Be cooperative, and don’t show any signs of aggression. So, do you want to find out how to deal with a kidnapping situation? Then watch our new video!

Take care of your safety 0:52
What to do in the first moments after the abduction 1:47
What to do if you haven’t managed to escape 2:30
Try to keep your spirits high 3:13
Think about your action plan 3:36
Try to establish a connection with your kidnapper 4:01
What to do in captivity 5:38
Recognize when it’s time to escape 6:42
Don’t get in the way of your rescuers 7:14
Teach your kids the main safety rules 7:48

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– Take your safety seriously. Don’t walk on your own along deserted streets or after dark. Muggers aren’t the only criminals you can come across in these circumstances. If you absolutely must go somewhere, make sure you travel with a companion.
– Try to keep your panic at bay and analyze the situation. You need to understand if there’s a real possibility of escaping in the first few minutes after an abduction. The first moments after a kidnapping are the riskiest. If you feel that there’s no easy way to escape, all your attempts won’t be worth the risk.
– Pay attention to the kidnappers, to your surroundings, and to the route the car is taking. This knowledge may well help you to escape. It might also help your rescuers when the time comes.
– First and foremost, try to figure out why you’ve been kidnapped. This can influence the way you will communicate with your captors. If they want to get a ransom for you, they will most likely want you alive. Thus, trying to escape might not be worth the risk.
– If you manage to establish a personal connection with the captor, it will be more difficult for them to harm you. Thus, do not get on the nerves of the kidnapper. Do not try to manipulate them. Do not beg, blow a fuse, or burst into tears.
– Try to challenge your mind as this will help you not to go round the bend. You can develop different escape plans, have imaginary conversations with your friends, remember the names of all the states, crack math problems, or sing songs.
– Your captors start to treat you more brutally. They stop feeding you. They quit wearing their masks around you. They look frightened or agitated. They release other captives but not you. These are signs that indicate you’re in danger.
– When you realize that the cavalry is near, hide from your kidnappers if you can. Cover your head, get under a bed or table, or hunch up in a bathtub. Stay still, and avoid moving until your rescuers get inside.
– Tell your kids not to accept any gifts from strangers, even if it’s something innocent and cute (like a kitty
– Neither should they go with adults or other kids who ask them for help. Explain to your little ones that an adult should never ask for a kid’s assistance.

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