14 Tricks to Survive a Life-Or-Death Situation

14 Tricks to Survive a Life-Or-Death Situation

How to survive a really dangerous situation? How to save your life and help others? If you ever find yourself in a critical situation, it’s better to know what you should do and what mistakes you should avoid. These 14 survival hacks might save your life one day.
If you ever find yourself in the open sea, here’s what you have to know. There is food in the ocean, but you will have to hunt after it. To get water, make a distiller. It consists of 2 containers (large and small) and a piece of polyethylene. Use some of your clothes to cover your head and eyes from the Sun.
If you are trapped under a building, the air becomes your most valuable resource. Screaming will make your panic even worse, fasten your breathing and the heartbeat, and speed the airflow. You don’t want to lose any extra oxygen. Take off your shirt or T-shirt and tie it around your head. It will protect you from suffocation when dust and dirt get in your face.
To scare off a wild beast, make as much noise as possible and get aggressive. Shout, howl, talk loudly and slowly step back. An animal who has rabies will leave a wound that will bleed for a long time; then it will turn red and swell. Then you will feel a strong itching, get a fever and feel very annoyed.

If you are in the open sea 0:44
If you get lost in a desert 1:57
If you are trapped under a building or in a cave 2:40
If you run into a wolf or a stray dog 3:21
Make waterproof matches 4:03
If you are bitten by a venomous snake 4:28
How to tell if you were bitten by a rabid animal 5:27
How to properly signal SOS 6:07
Learn how to stitch up all kinds of wounds 6:45
A rescue capsule that will save your life 7:12
Stay afloat with bound or damaged hands 7:53
How to set a wet tree on fire 8:38
How to shoot properly 9:18
Fish trap 9:45

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-Three things will help you survive in this huge “basin” of salt water: food, water, and the right body temperature.
-If you get lose in the desert, try to move around at night. A good source of drinking water in the desert is underground springs.
-If you get trapped in debris, the air becomes your most valuable resource. Inhale deeply, exhale. Do not shout. slowly.
-If the wolf noticed you, slowly step back, maintaining eye contact. Do not turn your back on it and do not run.
-To make your matches waterproof, simply cover them with a thin layer of clear nail polish and dry them.
-A bite of a venomous snake is to identify. The affected area of your body will start to hurt a lot immediately after the bite. The blood color can change to maroon or even blue.
-If you were bitten, immediately wash the wound with warm water and soap. Even if the animal did not have rabies, bites could easily give you an infection.
-SOS signal looks and sounds like this: 3 short light flashes (or sounds), then 3 long ones and 3 short ones again.
-If you stitch up wounds properly, it will help to stop the bleeding, close a large wound, prevent infection from spreading and thus save someone’s life.
-The rescue capsule out of a jar contains the most necessary items that will help you warm up, find yourself some food and water and provide first aid.
-The most important thing to stay afloat with bound hands is to control your breathing.
-Set the log vertically, make a star-shaped incision as deep as possible. Put some splinters and dry grass inside the log and set it on fire.
-When you are pulling the trigger, it must be exactly in the middle of the index finger pad.
-The “funnel” trap is built from stones and poles. During the night a lot of fish swim in the funnel, and it is difficult to get out of it.

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