1945 Australian 24 Hour Operation Ration 02 MRE Review Vintage Meal Ready to Eat Taste Test

1945 Australian 24 Hour Operation Ration 02 MRE Review Vintage Meal Ready to Eat Taste Test

Check out the 24 hour MRE that Australian Soldiers ate in WW2!
First tested in December 1942, the 02 was quickly adopted and was well received by troops in places like New Guinea. This ration could feed a soldier for up to 48 hours in a pinch. It was not only well balanced and nutritious, it was actually enjoyable to troops. One of the first 24 hour rations ever made, this is a very rare look into a historical item never before filmed. The only media out there on this ration is owned by Australian War Memorial and outside of that the information is sparing at best. So welcome to the virtual museum experience. As with the entire channel’s old items – you can see rations such as this one opened again and again. No museum offers such hands on media with their procurement’s.
Never anywhere else behind a glass case will you see an 02. Operation Ration like this. The only remaining rations are in the exact condition of this one.
*Spoiler Alert*

Because some of the content’s containers were unstable and unsafe to open and I would like some further answers, I did not open everything to look at in this video.
The cheese (still in it’s can to fully evaluate it’s progression over 7 decades), fruit & cereal block, meal #1 and #3’s meat cans, that mushed out square of mystery mass, and a few other components were saved for a lab test/study for a detailed analysis and hopefully a report back with some pictures of those items. I decided not to open them for these reasons.

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