58% DON'T KNOW THIS! DO YOU? Extinction 10 Tips! Ark: Survival Evolved Extinction

58% DON'T KNOW THIS! DO YOU? Extinction 10 Tips! Ark: Survival Evolved Extinction

58% DON’T KNOW THIS! DO YOU? Extinction 10 Tips! Ark: Survival Evolved Extinction Download NoxPlayer for free:

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Number 10! The Geysers in the desert biome!

Number 9! The wasteland!
It’s hot like really hot
You will run out of food and water at an insane rate
Wear ghillie if out for extended time and bring lots of water and food
Corrupted dinos they destroy everything and will non stop spawn
Secret spot SE of city where there’s no effects of wasteland

Enforcers best early tames – helps you set up a base up high, can easily kill with bola, can easily craft at terminal

Enforcers are one of the best early game tames, being very easy to obtain. You can get all of the items needed to craft an enforcer by killing an enforcer and looting around the area. You kill an enforcer by bola-ing it and pounding it with arrows, very easy and simple, when it dies it will drop a blueprint of an enforcer, harvest it with a pick and collect Element dust, scrap metal (which you use a forge to make scrap metal ingots) and oil! For extra element dust you can harvest lampposts and for crystal there are crystal nodes scattered around the city! Now the hardest item to obtain will be the corrupted nodes, these will be the easiest substitute to polymer, you get this by killing corrupted creatures, this sounds harder than it is, if you get yourself a low level trike then travel just outside the city you will be able to pick off a few low level creatures like raptors, now keep in mind you have to pick your fights, harvest these creatures using a pick. Then once you have got everything you can head on back to the city terminal and craft up an enforcer, this is really helpful for a first tame, dealing 4x damage to corrupted creatures and being able to get you up high, giving you an advantage.

Number 7! The best way to defeat corruption!
So we just talked about the wasteland, corrupted dinos, and the enforcer, this all works as a great segway to talk about how to actually handle corrupted creatures.

Number 6! Where and how do you find the titans?
Desert biome near the red obi literally cannot miss it!
Snow biome actually on the outside of the biome dome again can’t miss it!
Forest – Go to green ob in city then make way to big implant and turn right following water to biome. Obelisk points the way follow it to the cave entrance.
Now you’ll have a cave run to do to get to the terminal.

Number 5! Farm gacha crystals
Gachas of all levels drop different crystals
Will sometimes drop high tier crystals, can be very frequent depending on gacha
These crystals can go up to ascendant and can give you gear eg riot, shotguns, crossbows
Gachas are like loot drops on the island but a creature

Gachas are a players best friend! Why? Because Gacha crystals, gachas of all levels will drop gacha crystals, all able to produce up to 6 different items each! But each gacha can also produce a hidden gem.. Or crystal.. A crystal of a higher tier, such as ramshackle, mastercraft or even ascendant, within these crystals you can get amazing loot, such as a 300 damage mastercraft shotgun already crafted, or ascendant riot gear. They can drop high level loot frequently if you keep them happy! Gachas are the loot drops of extinction, just with less compass blueprints.

NUMBER 4! The Velonasaur!
Stop what you’re doing NOW! If you haven’t already you better be going out of your way to start taming these guys! The velonasaur is straight up the most overpowered creature in ark right now! They can be found quite easily in the desert biome, and be tamed pretty easily too! These things just don’t have any real weakness and can easily defeat nearly any creature in the game, in seconds! Wanna complete that cave run real quick? EZ! Wanna kill an enemy titan EZ! Wanna kill anything at all??? EZ! The velonasaur can hit targets at a fair distance away, and if they get closer, can dish out huge damage too! There’s no weakness, if an enemy gets up close, they die, if they run, they die! Check out my video covering this NOW!

Number 3! Easily solo tame any titan!
Desert titan, just use high argi plus high saddle.
Snow easily done with the mek.
Tree titan you can use the forest wyverns.

NUMBER 2! A few things you should know about the orbital drops!
Red drops are best to go for, purple is harder yet doesn’t give you much better loot

You may think the best thing to do for the best loot in ark is to go for the highest level orbital supply drop, well you would be WRONG. The purple supply drops are insanely hard! And barely give you any more loot than a red drop! The risk/reward factor here makes it very obvious that purple drops are just not worth it. You are much better going for a red drop as its dramatically easier and gets you about the same amount of loot.

Number 1! The gasbags!


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