9 Survival Tips for Empaths and Sensitive Souls

9 Survival Tips for Empaths and Sensitive Souls

9 Survival Tips for Empaths and Sensitive Souls.

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The biggest problems of empaths are when they have to stay in crowds for too long, and when they’re around people who are energy vampires. This can be very challenging, almost overwhelming for them. When they are stressed, they become emotional hubs for so many negative energies. During this time, their emotion absorbing qualities heightens and this makes it possible for them to absorb so many emotions. When they’re around a peaceful environment, their bodies take up this peace, and they glow.

If an empath wants to enjoy the company of friends and family very well, he or she has to learn to protect their special gift of high sensitivity and find a balance. Here are nine basic approaches in which empaths and all sensitive souls can take to survive amid negative energies without being drained.

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