9 Survival Tips For Germaphobes

9 Survival Tips For Germaphobes

Here is what you’ll need!

1. Emergency Bathroom Bag Hook
Avoid your bag touching the ground, by carrying a suction cup hook, incase bathrooms don’t have bag hooks!

2. Sanitize Your ToothBrush
Eliminate the germs on your toothbrush by sanitizing it in a glass of mouth wash.

3. Clean Your Cards
Wipedown the plastic with a wet wipe, avoiding the barcodes. Clean the barcodes with a pencil eraser.

4. How To Clean Your Headphones
With the earbuds facing down, gently brush with a toothbrush to release any dirt or other particles.
Dip cotton wool in rubbing alcohol and rub up and down the earbud cord.

5. Sports Bag Essentials
Wrap your shoes in a clean shower cap to keep the contents of your bag clean.
Attach a pack of wet wipes to your drink bottle, with a hair tie or rubber band. Use them to wipe down gym equipment or your dirty hands.
A dryer sheet in your bag will help keep it deodorized

6. Taking Out The Trash
To remove a trash bag without touching it, simply wrap tape around the top and twist the end pieces together to create a handle. Lift it out of the trash can by the handle and throw away.

7. Germaphobe survival Kit
Keep a survival kit on hand for any potential germ disasters.
Hand sanitizer, cotton swabs, toothbrush and paste, tissues, wet wipes, lin troller, eye drops, vitamins and a few straws (stored in a travel toothbrush container).

8. DIY Alcohol free hand sanitizer
In a small bottle combine:
2 Tablespoons of witches hazel
½ a Teaspoon of Vitamin E oil
16 drops of tea tree essential oil
8 drops of lavender oil
2. Then fill the rest of the bottle with aloe vera gel.

9. Filter The AIr
Fill your life with plants to purify indoor air.

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