9 Tips to Survive a Fire In a Hopeless Situation

9 Tips to Survive a Fire In a Hopeless Situation

How to survive a house fire? Knowing what to do in this emergency situation will greatly increase your chances of surviving.

House fires can spread at a truly alarming speed. Most things around you can crumble to ashes in mere seconds. That’s why you have to act as soon as you hear your fire alarm go off. Take your safety seriously! Make sure your house is equipped with functioning smoke alarms. Check them regularly, preferably once a month, and replace their batteries twice a year.


Prepare an escape plan in advance 0:49

Keep rope ladders on top floors 1:20

Exit your house immediately after you hear the fire alarm or notice a fire 1:43

Doors will help you during a fire 2:05

Make an improvised respirator 3:01

Stay away from fabrics 4:49

What to do if you can’t get out 5:35

Call for help if you’re trapped on an upper floor 6:05

If you’re not too far from the ground, try to escape through a window 6:33

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– Describe in your plan exactly how you’ll evacuate your home, who will be the leader during the evacuation process, where you’ll meet up after everybody has left the house, and how you’ll call for help.

– If your house has more than one floor, it’s a good idea to acquire fire escape ladders and put them in several strategic locations on the top floors.

– People die because instead of running for their life, they try to save all their valuables: documents, gadgets, money, and so on. Forget about all that!

– Wooden doors can provide good protection from both smoke and heat. On top of that, they can prevent a fire from spreading. An effective strategy can be escaping from one room to another and closing doors behind you.

– This may sound unexpected, but during a house fire, the fire itself isn’t the main danger. What kills people much faster than flames is smoke.

– Clothes, curtains, bedsheets, and tablecloths pose a serious danger during a fire. They are very likely to start burning. If you have time, take off clothes made from synthetic materials.

– If you are trapped and all you can do is wait for help, try to stay calm. The first thing you need to do is ward off the smoke.

– Try to get to a window that faces the street or other buildings. Take something white (a sheet or a towel), and hang it from the windowsill.

– If there’s no other way but to use a second-floor window as your escape route, search for a ledge. If there’s a ledge under the window, climb onto it in such a way that you’re facing the building.

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