A Closer Look At My Emergency Bug Out First Aid Kit

A Closer Look At My Emergency Bug Out First Aid Kit

After cutting myself the other day I have decided to go through my first aid kits more thoroughly and improve their contents as needed. I talk about preparedness all the time. I practice survival skills any time I get a chance. But medicine has always taken a back seat. After hurting myself I realized it needs to become a top priority.

It is better to have a full first aid kit and never need it than to need one and not have everything.

This is the first aid kit that goes along with my main bug out bag. If I ever have to take off across country this goes with me. I also go hiking a lot and I take my main bug out bag with me every time. This keeps me used to the bag and its contents.

If you have to bug out some time and do not have an overview of your bug out bag contents then you are probably going to be in for some hurting.

But back to my bug out medicine kit.

After going through this kit I realize the need for a whole lot more supplies than what it originally came with.

This kit also has no scissors for example. I will have a tube of antibiotic cream in each of my first aid kits from now on as well. I have a home kit and my but out/hiking kit.

Another thing to have on hand is more tape. I am going to add a surgical kit to my bug out bag as well. This will include a sewing kit and thread.

Some pain killers are also a good thing to have in your kit and something I am going to get soon.

I will do another video on this first aid kit when I have it completed.


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