Alysrazor – The phase 2 survival guide

Alysrazor – The phase 2 survival guide

You’ll have to forgive me, as i dont really have a “presentation” voice, but i tried to be as clear as possible!


Hello, welcome to my quick guide on how to survive the flame tornados on Alysrazor’s second phase.

I’ll be running through as quickly as i can the method i use to survive this phase, as this is doable with no stacks of the Molten Feather movement buff.
Firstly, lets talk about the movement pattern of the tornados.

Essentially, the tornados will be circling the centre of the arena, each layer of tornados alternating between travelling clockwise….. and anti-clockwise.
combined, the pattern looks like this.

One more mechanic to be aware of here is that if you stray too far away from the centre of the vortex… or too close to the middle, it’s going to hurt a whole hell of a lot. so i would tend to avoid those areas.

Now lets fade that pattern out a bit and look at what you’ll be doing.
This blue dot resembles you. Now, you’re going to want to put yourself evenly between two tonados on your layer BEFORE they start moving, because you may not be sure whether they will be travelling clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Once they start moving, you’ll need to react quickly, moving in the same direction as your layer.

Now, without the movement buff, the tornado persuing you is going to catch you up quickly, so what we’re going to do is pay attention to our left, or right, and waiting for those tornados to pass.

Once they have done, we are free to then to do a 180 degree turn into the next layer, and begin running the other way.

You should now have a fair amount of room to manuever, and all you need to do is follow the tornado in front of you.

Again, you wont be able to keep this up for long without the movement buff, and that tornado behind you will catch you up, so again, we’re going to pay attention to our left or right, wait for the tornado to pass you, and then change direction again.

You’ll pretty much end up running in a circle for this phase, but i find that this is definately the easiest way to do this.

So to summarise, go with the flow, wait for a tonado to pass, and then u-turn to follow it. It’s as easy as that.

I’ve attached some footage of myself using this method if you want to see it in action. Thanks for watching.