ARK: Survival Evolved – News Update 11 Oct: Mosasaurus, Procoptodon, Fear Evolved Event and More!

ARK: Survival Evolved – News Update 11 Oct: Mosasaurus, Procoptodon, Fear Evolved Event and More!

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G’day guys Mennace here with another ARK: Survival Evolved News Update, there is a heap of cool stuff planned for the coming weeks and I can’t wait to share it with you.

The most recent update saw the addition of the giant flying dinosaur, the Quetzal. With its ridable saddle platform this massive creature is a must for any survivor on the island. In addition to this a machined sniper rifle, tranq darts and the ability to remove the default sail from the raft was also added.

As for upcoming content the mountable war drums will be introduced, the first of multiple instruments to be added and more melee weapons will accompany the club with the sword and shield. Confirmed for the next path we will have the speculated large underwater dino, the Mosasaurus. The initial stages of dino breeding and babies will also be implemented and are planned to grow dynamically in real-time and players will now have the ability to sit on the recently added chairs and benches.

Themed events look likely to be a thing for this game with an upcoming Halloween themed event called Fear Evolved. During this time there will be significant visual and mechanic changes such as lower temperatures, longer nights, the moon becoming a different colour, bats and other nasty creatures appearing outside of caves, carvable pumpkins, undead dinosaurs rising from mist and the Dodo Rex will make an appearance. This fearsome creature will have an assortment of zombie dodos by its side, it was also revealed that players will receive rewards for completing the content throughout the event.

The developers mentioned in the community digest that dossier announcements will be limited to 1 per week until they reach their goal of over 100. With about 75 already released we can expect around another 30 to be revealed over the next 30 weeks.

With that being said we have only one dossier for the week. This one is quite close to home for me and the first marsupial to be added, the Procoptodon. This herbivore is set to be around 3 meters tall and have the ability to jump. Once tamed this beast will possess the unique capability of allowing two players to use it as a mount, one on its back and the other in its pouch. The secondary player will be able to use melee and ranged weapons, snuggled within the Procoptodon’s pouch. It will be interesting to see if the breeding system will allow baby Procoptodons to also utilise this pouch mechanic.

That sums it up for this ARK: Survival Evolved News Update, please show your support on these videos by hitting that like button and if you are new here, be sure to subscribe. My name is Mennace, thanks for watching.

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