ARK: Survival Evolved – News Update 14 Sep: Arthropluera, Pachy, Megaloceros, Rafts and More!

ARK: Survival Evolved – News Update 14 Sep: Arthropluera, Pachy, Megaloceros, Rafts and More!

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G’day guys Mennace here with an ARK: Survival Evolved News Update, it has been a while since I have released one of these so we have lots to cover in this video. Let’s get into it.

Multiple updates and fixes have been implemented into the game along with many additional features and items. A raft has been added that can be improved upon, as well as the bronto saddle platform, but the platform for the plesio is yet to come.

The mod files for the dune buggy were also released, so expect to see many cool mods surrounding this vehicle. In addition to the current scuba gear we now have accompanying scuba pants which provide a large amount of hypothermic insulation, great for those deep water dives.

We have been given a way to reset our engrams and skill points in the way of soup. The Amnesiac soup is craftable in the cooking pot and requires multiple ingredients. You can now paint your dinos using the paint brush as well as save your artwork from both billboards and dinos, to be reused or shared.

The latest dino to arrive on our island is the Pachycepholsaurus, a small herbivore whose headbutt will administer a large amount of torpor to its target.

Several dossiers were also announced. The Kaprosuchus is an aggressive, water dwelling reptile found mostly in swamps. This speedy creature can maintain high speeds in water as well as launch itself upon unsuspecting prey. Its bite drains the stamina of its victim and can prove useful in a pursuit.

The Megaloceros dossier has been unleashed, this large, skittish herbivore can be found roaming the forests of our island and once tamed can be used to drain your enemies stamina as well as applying a bleed effect.

A glimpse at the the next tier of technology has been revealed in the dossier of the Eurypterid. This non-tamable critter lurks in the deep ocean waters and can provide a rare drop in the form of black pearls, that will be utilised in mysterious, yet to be released, items.

And the latest dossier to be unvailed is the Arthropluera which is a large Anthropod who thrives on rotten meat. Behind its rough exterior it holds acidic blood which the creature can spit out and degrade the durability of any weapon or armour it touches. This beast is tamable and will provide very useful in raids as it can be used as a ranged attacker.

That sums it up for this ARK: Survival Evolved News Update, please show your support on these videos by hitting that like button and if you are new here, be sure to subscribe. My name is Mennace, thanks for watching.

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