Blizzard Survival & Disaster Readiness Plan

Blizzard Survival & Disaster Readiness Plan

There is a blizzard on the way. They are calling it a super storm. They are hyping it up to be the biggest in decades. Perfect time to share how I prepare for a blizzard or bad storm on the way.

The first thing to preparedness is to be prepared ahead of time. Generally when some disaster is on the way, I simply go get some fresh foods which I usually need anyway. I clearly remember the big blizzard last year when I went out for a quart of milk which was all I needed at the time. I discovered to my surprise that the shelves in all the stores were stripped bare. Panic shopping. All I needed was a quart of milk.

I got my normal groceries today because it was payday. Other than that, I have food on hand to make it through a week or two if I have to.

One thing I do stock up on is drinking water. If I cant get to the spring to refill my tanks, then I have water on hand.

I brought up my snow blower, snow shovel and broom to be ready for the morning snow if we get any. Everything is right outside the door if needed. The broom is to clear off the solar panels as it snows.

You should have enough water on hand for emergency. Enough to last at least a week for your entire household.

I can make it through with a gallon of water per day. But that takes practice.

Every household should keep dry foods on hand for emergencies. I have some dollar store foods that just need water for a nice meal. I have some noodles and sauce. I also have some shelf stable foods from Valley Food Storage.

You should have some sort of heat source in case you lose your heater. I have a Mr Heater Buddy that takes camping gas cans or a 20 lb tank of propane. This heater can heat you out of a small room on low setting. It is a catalytic heater and safe for indoor use.

You can use kerosene heaters if you have them. Or for a small space a propane or oil lantern works well too along with providing light for you.

Candles give some light and minimal heat. But I stay away from candles with cats or kids.

LED lights are the best for emergency lighting. They are bright and use very little energy. Take out the batteries when not in use or they will be damage by leaking batteries.

Keep batteries on hand and keep them fresh. Always rotate your stock.

You also need a way to cook in case you lose your ability to cook during an emergency.

SilverFire has some awesome biomass stoves for sale. The SilverFire Hunter is perfect for families and can be used safely indoors with the provided chimney pipe.

The SilverFire Scout is a perfect little stove for one or two people in a survival situation. It is packable, small and efficient. A handful of twigs gives you cooking heat for about 40 minutes.

Dont forget the food for your pets as well.

And if you have children or babies make sure to have enough provisions for them on hand.

Women have special needs that need to be accounted for. These items can be kept on hand in quantity at all times.

A hand crank radio and flashlight are good to have for emergency. A hand crank or solar weather radio can tell you up to the minute details of the impending storm so you an better prepare for it.

Dont forget to have spare power for your cell phone and tablet. Having a battery backup solution for your phone can be valuable in emergency or power outage.

I have the Lumsing 13,400 mAh battery pack I have been testing out. This holds a LOT of power for 5 volt USB charged devices.

Everyone should have a plan in place. Every home should have at least a few days, if not a week, of supplies on hand for emergency. Shelf stable and dried or canned foods are the best.

Be prepared and be safe.

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