Bug In, Bug Out, Get Home: Disaster / Emergency / Prepper Survival Philosophy (Round Table)

Bug In, Bug Out, Get Home: Disaster / Emergency / Prepper Survival Philosophy (Round Table)

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We try to bring you a very practical, educational look at survival during a natural or man-made disaster scenario during this round table discussion. We had just gotten done filming our “72 Hour Bug Out / Bail Out” series and wanted to get our thoughts on film immediately following while they were still fresh. We discuss philosophy, as well as pros and cons between bugging in, bugging out, having a plan, being a prepper / prepping your family, survival tools / items you might need, etc. We want this to be an open forum for you guys to discuss what your philosophies are, as well as discuss differences of opinion (courteously). How would your emergency plan alter if you were in an urban setting vs. living in the country? What if you are not home but at work or somewhere else when disaster strikes? What are different things you need to prepare for if you have a family vs. being a single person? How do you pack a bug out / bail out / get home / INCH bag? How many days worth of food / fresh water do you have? How is your intel / communication ability (radios, CB radios, walkie-talkies, etc.)? Do you have means to defend yourself and your family? These are all practical questions that informed, caring, and prepared members of society ask themselves every day. We don’t have all the answers, and we are certainly not experts… just passing on knowledge to you from our personal experiences as well as studying history and human behavior. Our bottom line… make a plan, get equipped, get knowledge of how to use your equipment and know-how by training in the field, stay educated, get prepared. It could be a life or death scenario depending on your level of preparation.

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