Bug Out Bag / Survival Kit, Walmart Style: 72-Hour Bag for Hurricane Katrina – type situations

Bug Out Bag / Survival Kit, Walmart Style: 72-Hour Bag for Hurricane Katrina – type situations

Bug Out Bag/ Survival Kit/ Medical Bag/ Disaster Bag made up of only Walmart products. Great to have for hurricane/disaster preparedness.


As the title says, this is a bug-out bag built from items you can find only at Walmart. Total cost is around $200 and the weight is right around 20 lbs. The scenario I was thinking of as I built it was Hurrican Katrina – a situation where you have to get out of town quick and sustain for 72+ hours before relief or help is there. Check it out.

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ITEM LIST (all items from Wal-Mart):
– Outdoor Products Arrowhead pack (46 liters)
– Mossy Oak Overwatch Light Cap
– Leatherman Wingman
– Smiths Survival Tool
– 1 gallon water
– Coast flashlight (135 lumens)
– Bic Lighter
– Wetfire – 5-pack
– Reflective vest
– Ozark Trail poncho
– Clif Bars (2)
– Mechanix Utility gloves
– Notepad
– Sharpie, 3 pens, 1 pencil
– 100 lb. test wire
– Buck Pack Light Skinner
– Zip ties
– 2 Aquafina waters
– 550 cord (50 feet)
– 15 lb. test fishing line
– Cleaning Kit: soap, wet wipes, Band aids, hand sanitizer, triple anti-biotic ointment, Gold Bond powder, deodorant, suncreen, TUMS, Tylenol, tooshbrush, tooth paste
– Hot Hands hand warmers
– In fishing kit – 5 large needles, another Bic lighter, Chapstick,
lures (Rooster tails x2, other jigs x 2), dental floss, leaders and
– 2 astronaut blankets
– Bug repellent/sun screen
– Bobbers
– Basic first-aid kit from Johnson and Johnson
– Rope – 75 feet – 145 lb. test
– Coleman Mac and Cheese
– Beef Jerky
– Gorilla tape
– Stanley multi-use water bottle
– Fork and Spoon
– Blue bandana
– Water purifying tablets
– Stick of pepperoni
– 8X10 tarp
– Ozark Trail sleeping bag – 40 degree rating
– Coleman camp axe
– Coleman folding saw
– Bag of clothing: Russell long-sleeve dry-wick shirt, Hanes long
underwear, 2 pairs wool-blend socks, Walls workwear long-
sleeved sweatshirt
– Pack cover
– Energizer Trailfinder headlamp
– Batteries – AAA and AA

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