Bug Out Tool Kit (Survival Gear)

Bug Out Tool Kit (Survival Gear)

In this video I show you my micro tool kit for vehicle repairs in a bug out situation. Of course, there is more that one could carry in a vehicle. This is merely a kit that you could carry with you in a bug out bag in case you had to requisition a vehicle during a SHTF situation.
Equinone1 recommended to me some other items that could go in the stowage compartment of a vehicle: “hammer, mini 3-lb sledge, jumper cables, good jack and jack stands, tow chain, recovery strap, snow tire chains, tire repair kits, CO2 tank in bed of truck or other air inflation system, cheater bar, spare water and gas cans, spare fluids, belts, hoses, and any spare parts that’ll fit.”
Special thanks goes to equinone1 for compiling these great suggestions!
Thanks for watching! Blessings!


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