Canadian pattern 51 web gear

Canadian pattern 51 web gear

This video was kinda inspired by blokeontherange’s and rifleman Moore’s video on British web gear and I figured it would do a video my own set of old cotton web equipment of Canadian origin in spires on the videos of the British cotton web equipment. This is one of my favorite sets of web equipment and is a mix of British pattern 37 and the Various sets of American wwii gear to create this hybrid of a web gear set with the best bits of both and some downfalls as well. This video is an overview of the set and a historical overview of the pattern 51 equipment and its predecessors and influences. If you want to watch the videos on the mess kit and the medical pouch I will put links at the bottom to those. Hopefully you liked this video and subscribed if you like this sort of stuff. Please leave a comment with any questions, additional information, or suggestions for future videos and I will do my best to answer them. As always thanks for watching.

Canteen and mess kit-

First aid kit/pouch-

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