Castaway Jose Salvador Alvarenga’s family rejoice at his survival

Castaway Jose Salvador Alvarenga’s family rejoice at his survival

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The family of Jose Salvador Alvarenga, the fisherman who was “lost at sea for 14 months”, say they are relieved he’s been found alive. Alvarenga was found on a remote coral atoll where he had been washed up over the weekend in his fiberglass boat, he told authorities that he had been adrift in the Pacific Ocean for more than a year. According to reports, he told authorities he had set sail on a shark fishing trip from Mexico in late December 2012 – but was blown out to sea. He also said that he had survived by drinking turtle blood and catching fish and birds with his bare hands. His sister, Yanira Bonilla said that their mother never lost hope. “I went (to El Salvador) last year, and my mother would always say ‘daughter, he is not dead’ and then I would say to her ‘mami, don’t get your hopes up’. And then she told me ‘no, but I feel that he is alive’. Now I can see and prove that a mother is never wrong. A mother’s heart is always with her children, and, well, she is very happy,” an emotional Bonilla said. In a statement, El Salvador’s Foreign Ministry said it was working with Mexican authorities to return him to Mexico, and then on to El Salvador. Report by Andrea Lilly.

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