CHEAP , DIY Hot Tent , from a tarp !!!

CHEAP , DIY Hot Tent , from a tarp !!!

This is the making of Hot Tent 2.0 ! This video took me a long time to make . I struggled with the making of this video . However , many of you have asked about the process, so , here it is ! I hope this helps answer any questions you may have had . I also hope this inspires some of you to build your own tent and find adventures with them ! ! Show me your tents !!
If you are considering building a similar tent , I encourage you to visit the channel Far North Bushcraft and Survival . There you will find a fine explanation and break down of how Lonnie built his as well . It’s another point of view of a very similar process . Very informative and well worth looking into !
Thank you to all for the support ! The last month has been wild ! Please feel free to ask questions you may have in the comments ! I will try my best to answer as best I can . I’m no pro , I can’t tell you how to , but I can tell you how I do … I’m just sharing my experience with you . It is fun interacting with you all . Thank you for your time !
– Justin
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