Club Penguin How to complete Catchin’ waves survival mode ★★★★★

Club Penguin How to complete Catchin’ waves survival mode ★★★★★

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This is the hardest and longest ride ever! ca. 10 mins, and then you get attacked by a shark… This is the hardest club penguin game ever! (but one of the funniest too! :D)

░▒▓████ How To Do It: █████▓▒░
Don’t do tricks, because you will not fall of the surfboard when you hit the small ice bergs, you will only lose balance. To get the balance back, it’s smart to hold left mouse-button all the way when the small ice bergs come. Dont jump because; 1. You will get closer the wave. 2. If you get hit by the ice bergs, and then jump, you will fall of your surfboard. It’s best to do this with silver board. When you come to the shark, and the shark jump, You must be long down on the wave. Go a bit up, but not too much to dodge his second attack. Then surf as fast as you can to the goal! Just to say it,even after using all these tips, I did not do it at first try. You will also need a lot of training!

░▒▓████ Questions and Answers:████▓▒░

Q. I don’t have a timer! How can I know how long I am on the survival mode?
A. If you don’t do tricks, the points will be like this:
400 points=Slow Icebergs start
2200 points=Small Icebergs Stop
4400 points=Normal fast icebergs start
9000 points=Normal Fast Icebergs stops
12000 points=Fast icebergs starts
15000 points=Slow Icebergs
15800 points=Slow Icebergs stop
20000 points=Shark comes

Q. How Do I Get The Silver Surf Board?
A. Click On Waves in The Catchin’ Waves Game Upgrades Catalog.

Q. Do the shark still come if you lose one or two surfboards?
A. Yes, The Shark Still Come.

Q. What kind of editing software do you use?
A. Camtasia Studio 7

Q. Why should I try to complete survival mode?
A. For stamps!

Q. What is the big deal with getting these stamps?
A. You will get double coin bonus if you have all the stamps in 1 game!

Q. Do the shark hit you, or is it only there to look cool?
A. The Shark Is trying to knock you of your board!

Q. I am coming closer to the wave, like I am losing speed… What should I do?
A. If you watch my video, I am losing speed too. Take your mouse high up and long down to gain more speed.

Please dont comment bad, because I used a lots of time to find out these things, and to complete survival mode. I thought about hiding the mouse, but it’s easier to see what I’ve done this way.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy my video, thanks for watching and I hope you can do this by yourself!
Song: Catchin’ waves theme.

If you only wanna see the shark, skip to 9:50

Cove info:

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