COD Ghosts Essential Survival Tips For Multiplayer

COD Ghosts Essential Survival Tips For Multiplayer

This video for Call of Duty: Ghosts displays a handle full of tips and tricks that will help players survive longer as well as giving players the opportunity to play multiplayer more efficiently. I run through a number of tips, going into detail on how to best execute them.

Tip #1 — Cancel your reload by sprinting — Many times players reload their weapon after every kill, leaving them vulnerable to attack while they are reloading. Instead, sprint forward to cancel your reload, giving you the opportunity to kill your opponent.

Tip #2 — Snake your I.E.D.’s — An update patch was released for cod ghosts that nerfed the effectiveness of the I.E.D. Many times when you lay a single I.E.D. down, you only get a hit marker on your opponent. So instead, double your damage output by laying two of them side by side. This will most likely kill your opponent.

Tip #3 — Spawn Checking — Lay your I.E.D. in spawn points across the map so while you’re traveling around, you will know where the enemy team is spawning. Once your I.E.D. has gone off, check the spawn point in which it occurred. Eliminate your enemy as they are exiting the spawn.

Tip #4 — Call out Guard Dog with Maniac — Your guard dog acts as yet another form of defense and protection. Using your guard dog with your maniac will help you to stay alive for a longer period of time.

Tip #5 — Playing Tag — While in your maniac, you run faster than your guard dog. So use this to your advantage. Run past enemies to get to the one farthest away, letting your guard dog act as a distraction and a thread by eliminating them. Your guard dog also seeks out enemies while it follows behind you, finding opponents that you might not have otherwise found.

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