“Concept U.S.K.” Surviving Urban Disaster Pt 2

“Concept U.S.K.”  Surviving Urban Disaster Pt 2

See Part 1 for USK Series intro. Part 2 and 3: DETAILED KIT CONTENTS, Of course all items are subject to improvement, change, or discontinuance by the manufacturer: CARRY CASES: Small day pack (Kelty “Cadence” model used here, 1700 cubes. 2 main compartments), zipped organization pouches, Columbia® Toiletry Valet. COMMS: Survival crank radio or small transistor radio (AA variety like Sony Panasonic RF-P50, Sony ICF-S10MK2, Grundig Mini-300 or similar are good options), 2-way AA cell-capable radios (Motorola #MR351R shown) with 550 cord lanyards, mini polycarbonate signal mirror (Gerber shown, “Ultimate Survival” brand good too), flare pen or gyro jet with extra flares (optional; also hand held compact signal flares), 2 loud whistles (options: Fox, WindStorm, NRS Storm Safety-brand whistles, ‘Ray Gonia’ dog training whistle), 2 fine tip black Sharpie® markers, Post Its®, index cards, waterproof paper (Write in the Rain), Fenix L1D and LD20 AA multi-mode flashlights with light cones (red, white), Fenix light headband, Streamlight Stylus Pro penlight, 8 (min) lithium AA and 4 (min) AAA batteries (Energizer Ultimate Lithium shown). PROTECTIVE GEAR: heavy leather gloves (Petzl rapelling gloves shown, any high quality can work), 4 pair disposable Nitrile exam gloves, safety glasses, sun glasses, dust masks (2 min), foam ear plugs (3 pair), respirator if SAWC permits (AO Safety® model shown), sunscreen, chapstick, disposable plastic poncho or rain suit, skull cap, sweat band, Adventure Medical Kits Thermo-Lite 2 Bivy bags (1 small, 1 large). TOOLS: Leatherman Super Tool 300 (or equivalent), pry bar (options: Stanley “Wonder Bar II,” 10’/25cm “Claw Bar”), multi-bit drivers (like Stanley #68-107 Fiberglass Screwdriver), gas shutoff wrech (not shown), heavy wire, heavy duty aluminum foil, Gorilla® brand duct tape, 3M® electrical tape, mini hacksaw (like Stanley MiniHack #20-807 shown), spring loaded punch, 100 ft 550 nylon cord wrapped on tempered hardboad winder, 25 ft heavy duty nylon cord (on exterior to case belay and lashing), portable saw if SAWC permit, dedicated wire snips, 1 small can WD-40, Stanley Stanley #10-16 Utility knife with extra blades (or Gerber EAB model, reviewed), dedicated mini-scissors (Gerber shown), flint and steel (like “Light My Fire” brand shown, “Ultimate Survival” brand Sparkie also excellent), 2 to 4 packs Trioxane fuel bars, adjustable flame lighter, REI “Lifeboat” matches. SELF DEFENSE: large OC pepper spray container (as big as SAWC allow; UDAP® brand 8 oz bear spray excellent), pry bar, folding tactical/utility blade (Buck Vantage Select shown, many other great options reviewed), Kel-Tec P3-AT .380 auto pistol with extra mag, 50 rds minimum 90 gr Federal HydraShok® ammo, Uncle Mikes Size 10 ankle holster & belt holster (Fobus also good), spare mag case (“RIPOFF” brand shown), mid-size survival knife (options: Ontario SP-17, CS SRK, KaBar Combat, Fallkniven A1, Randall RC-5,etc). MEDICAL: Level 1 Nutnfancy First Aid Kit (see review). WATER: Katadyn Hiker water filter, Nalgene folding Wide-Mouth Cantene 96 oz #2595-0096, coffee or paint screen pre-filters, collapsible backpacking bucket. FOOD: As many energy/candy bars (solid chocolate store best) that SAWC allow, 2 freeze-dried meals, MSR “Pocket Rocket” stove, propane fuel cartridge, tin can/canteen cup/titanium cup with lid, salt packets in plastic baggy. MISC: miniature playing cards, thermo compass, alcohol swabs, Scott-brand blue shop towels, Kleenex®, Kirtland-brand Household anti-bacterial wipes in baggy. PREPOSITIONALBES: Xootr scooter in travel bag (compact, fast, maneuverable escape vehicle, 5 times faster than walking), Rapelling gear (Blue Water brand 150′ kernmantle rope preferred, US Army 120′ surplus rope ok too; good for 9 or so story escape only though), Rescue 8, carabiners, Rapelling seat, Sport Parachute, strap adjusted, ready ///////////////////////// Music by
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