CPR Training & First Aid with Annabel & Edward Zia

CPR Training & First Aid with Annabel & Edward Zia

CPR is changing! Although this is a light-hearted video, CPR is a serious topic and everyone needs to know how to perform it.

This short demonstration filmed at the recent Hills Business Expo in May 2015 is not designed to teach CPR, rather it is intended to introduce viewers to CPR and show how easy it can be to perform it.

Remember that if a person is unconscious and not breathing normally, then they need CPR and any attempt is better than no attempt.

D – Check for any DANGER
R – Check for a RESPONSE
S – If not responding normally – SEND for help (call 000)
A – Open, Clear & Tilt their AIRWAY
B – Look Listen & Feel for BREATHING
** If they ARE breathing, place them in the recovery position & monitor their breathing until the ambulance arrives.
C – If no normal breathing, commence COMPRESSIONS (Ratio of 30:2 or 30 compressions then 2 breaths at a rate of 100 compressions per minute)
D – DEFIBRILLATION if available significantly improves a person’s chances of survival

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Disclaimer: This video does not demonstrate full CPR – only an introduction to the technique. It is not designed to be an instructional video. To learn how to effectively perform CPR and save a life, we recommend you participate in an accredited CPR course by a qualified trainer.