Crate Club Review – Premium Crate

Crate Club Review – Premium Crate

This is our review of the Crate Club Premium Crate for the 1st Quarter of 2017. In short – It’s not worth the cost.

The Premium crate costs (with shipping) over $400 but the street cost of included items is much less (about $300 in our research). In addition, the items included may have very limited appeal for most of the people who are likely subscribers (who needs $20 boot laces?) Additionally, the large number of Vertex pouches and accessories included in the box really pumped up the price but offer little if any additional value, since the majority of those items will sit unused in a drawer, even for someone using the bag everyday.

There are just too many items that subscribers have little use for but are being charged full retail price for, to make this “crate” even remotely worthwhile.

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