Desert Island Survival Shelter | THE FIRST FEMALE CASTAWAY (2 of 6)

Desert Island Survival Shelter | THE FIRST FEMALE CASTAWAY (2 of 6)

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Images of the first 24 hours of Reikko Hori on her desert island. Last summer this 22 year old Japanese -probably- became the first voluntary castaway girl in history, surviving alone for 19 days.

In this video, Reikko explains to Alvaro Cerezo how she ‘planned’ to sleep during her next 19 days. She actually didn´t prepare herself at all for the experience. She didn´t even prepared good cloths for the survival situation. Reikko slept on the ground and in the open air, never entering her mind that there could be torrential rain, something quite frequent in Indonesia. And from the intense rain which fell on her second night she was so wet that she caught a cold. To read more:

Because of her nonexistent survival preparation in natural surroundings and her strange habits, which we noticed when we exchanged emails with her, we decided to stay on the island during her first 24 hours to be sure that she was psychologically prepared at least.

But at the same time, Reikko was going to become our first SOLO girl client and probably the first ever in the world, and we didn´t want to miss her first moments on the deserted island.

Although the experience was very rewarding for Reikko, she suffered very much during her time on the island, especially during her first 10 days as she was cold and starving. She finally didnt make any shelter on her desert island.However, she finally managed to catch some fish and even hunt a monitor lizard. She also got a cold as she didn´t know how to make a shelter, and It often rained at night.

If you wish to know how her experience ended:

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Many thanks to Javi Sanchez-Osorio, Jacky Leon, Tamiki Kato, Victor Domenech, Juanqui Cerezo, Jorge Aguilar, Glupman Illustrations, Octavio Alonso, Elizabeth Fear, Cristine Croft and Jose Rodriguez