Dollar Tree Survival Haul,DO They Work?

Dollar Tree Survival Haul,DO They Work?

Starting up once again 5 $ Dollar Tree Survival Series this Time I bought some things that Can Be Used in a Emergency ,Do they Work and are they worth the Money? Well ON Video I show you first hand and you decide !!!

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Who Is Homestead Tessie ? In 2007 We were Deep In Debt Over 300,000 .When the Real Estate Collapsed ,We were Left with 3 Houses what would Not Sell .We were House Flippers we would Buy Homes and Fix them Up to resell .
At the same Time ,I had a life threatening Accident ,We sold everything We Owned and Started On A Path to EXTREME FRUGAL LIFE .Homesteading On Little Funds .We Live on About 10,000 a Year ,and Life very Self Sufficiently !

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