Episode 75: Touring Scotland, Winter Survival Tips, Leatherman Warranty – Sumo Survival Bushcraft

Episode 75: Touring Scotland, Winter Survival Tips, Leatherman Warranty – Sumo Survival Bushcraft


The 75th episode of the Sumo Survival Bushcraft Podcast is packed with more interesting questions sent in by listeners of the show.

Mark from Bodmin asks if the fellas can give him some advice. Recently Mark was in a local woodland practising his bushcraft skills by building a shelter and at some point during the day he unfortunately lost his TBS Grizzly knife. Mark doesn’t keep his knife on his belt and instead keeps it sheafed and in his leg pocket and it now realises that may be a poor decision. He asks if he should report the lose to the local Police or the landowner.

Dorchester based bush crafter, Andy, recently visited Scotland on business and is keen to return to the country in the summer of 2016 and asks what the best way is to tour the Highlands on a small budget but not entirely under canvas.

Bob from Stroud ask if the guys think that in the light of the recent bad weather and flooding, do they think that rudimentary outdoors skills and safety measures be taught in schools and communities?

Robert asks – I read your review from last year about the Ridgeline Grizzly.  Do you have any updates about how well it wears after a year or so, please?  I’m after a coat for Scouts (I’m a leader) that’s warm for camps and good for walking too.  I’ve found my Buffalo good, but I’d like a longer coat for the colder weather and so this one seems ideal. Comments about overall toughness and suitability would be much appreciated.

Sy catches up with Davie from the Stonewood Survival & Bushcraft School and the pair discuss how best to survive and stay warm winter in the outdoors.

John from Sheffield would like to warn us about counterfeit Swarovski binoculars popping up on eBay. John’s Father in law had been looking for a a good pair of bins and thought he had struck gold when he spotted a second hand pair of Swarovski FieldPros on sale through eBay for £650. He bought they and when they arrived he instantly knew that they weren’t the genuine article. The first thing he spotted was that the makers logo was a foil label instead of being embossed into the casing and the optics were no where near to being up to the Swarovski standard. To confirm his suspicions he took them to a authorised dealer and they agreed. He has managed to get his money back but it took nearly 6 weeks to process.

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