Everyone should own an IFAK (individual first aid kit)

Everyone should own an IFAK (individual first aid kit)

I have been carrying first aid kits for over 20 years so please dont think this is something new for me. I am making this video as a reminder to the guys who want to be prepared and put medical supplies at the bottom of their list.

This is a long video but I think in light of the recent Muslim extremist terror attacks in San Bernardino California, it is probably a good time to talk about IFAKs (individual first aid kits).

Its also just a good idea to have emergency medical supplies on hand for every day life when bad things happen near you.

Thousands of people die every year from injuries that could have been completely recoverable. Bleeding out only takes a few minutes but if you can apply a tourniquet in 60 seconds….that persons chance of survival go way up.

I remember hearing about one of the Columbine massacre victims bleeding to death because EMTs were not allowed into the building until it was cleared of possibly more shooters. He survived the initial shooting but died due to blood loss.

I dont know where that person was shot but a quick clot pressure bandage or a tourniquet on an arm or leg might have saved his life?

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