EXTREME Survival in Indonesia – Stunning "Primal Survivor" Documentary

EXTREME Survival in Indonesia – Stunning "Primal Survivor" Documentary

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EXTREME Survival in Indonesia – Stunning “Primal Survivor” Documentary.

Hazen Audel embarks on a challenging solo extreme survival mission in the western Pacific Ocean, using the techniques of the Bajau sea gypsies (Indonesia).

For some of us, owning a home by the sea is something of a dream. But for the Bajau Laut, stateless sea gypsies who live off the coast of Borneo, life on the water is just a part of who they are. Traditionally, these boat dwelling nomads are from the many islands of the Sulu Archipelago in the Philippines but many have migrated to the neighbouring area of Sabah, Borneo, due to the conflict in Muslim Mindanao. They have no citizenship and therefore no rights to public amenities or schools.

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