F-16 Pilot Survival Deployment Kit – Ejection Seat Pack

F-16 Pilot Survival Deployment Kit – Ejection Seat Pack

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This is a detailed look at the things that are in the seat portion of an F-16 Flying Falcon Jet. The ejection seat is an ACES-II. There are various items that will help the pilot to survive, should he have to eject from the plane. Things like water pouches, emergency food rations, first aid medical kits including tourniquet, a compass, and a commando knife. Things that are not included in this are an inflatable boat, hat, warm clothes, water signaling dye, whistle, flares, and a pistol.

Mainstay Energy Bar:
Military All Weather Matches:
Signaling Mirror:
Survival Sponge:
Water Filter Pump:
First Aid Kit:
M9 Combat Zombie Hunter:
Emergency Drinking Water:
Emergency Blanket:

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