Fallout 4 Hardcore Survival Role Play – Ep. 18: Fort Strong

Fallout 4 Hardcore Survival Role Play – Ep. 18: Fort Strong

In this series I will attempt to play as realistically and as immersively as possible, staying in character 100% of the time. Every decision I make in the game will be influenced by my character’s personality, skills, goals and motivations. A full list of all my mods is below.

In this episode: After several days of training in the use of power armor and miniguns, Ellie is sent on her first mission a knight of the Brotherhood of Steel.


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Intro music: “Main Theme” from the Fallout 4 Official Soundtack
Outro music: “Combat Ready” from the Fallout 4 Official Soundtrack


Mods Used in this role play:

4K HD Textures – Power Armors
9mm Pistol (Browning Hi-Power) Redux
Automatic Save
Automatron Quest Delay
B-35C Heavy Brotherhood of Steel Armor
Backpacks of the Commonwealth
Beantown Interiors Project
Better Companions – All In One (NoSharedDogmeatTemplate)
Better Low Health
Better Notes
Better Quarry Sites
Better Settlers
Bigger Settlements
Black Laser Rifle(s)
Brighter Settlement Lights
Busy Settlers
Button Lowered Weapons
Campsite – Simple Wasteland Camping (And HD Sleeping Bags)
CCKCR – Cook and Chemistry Keywords Community Resource
CHEF – Cooking Hunger and Expanded Food
Cleaner Prydwen Environment
Colorful Flannel Shirts (Standalone)
Craftable Plywood
Customizable Needs Plus Realistic Aid Side Effects
Danse GTFO Power Armor
Darker Nights
Detailed Deathclaws
Diamond City Auto Close Gate
Dirty Water From Pumps
Disable NPC Comments When Waiting for Player Input
Dogmeat – A True Companion
DYNAVISION – Dynamic Depth of Field
Egret Tours Marina Interior Buildings
Eli’s Craftable Flower Pots
EOW – Pre-War Books Retexture
Enhanced Lights and FX
Everyone’s Best Friend (Dogmeat and Companion at Same Time)
Extended Diamond City Holidays
Faction Salvage Beacons
Fallout 4 HD Reworked Project Revised
Fallout 4 Script Extender
FAR – Faraway Area Reform
FlaconOil Retexture Project – Made from Scratch
Floppy Eared Dogmeat
Full Dialogue Interface
G2M – Workshop
Grab and Eat All-in-One
Homemaker – Expanded Settlements
HUD Framework
iHUD – Immersive HUD
Immersive Consumables and Recycling – Gimme Dat Can
Immersive Drumlin Diner
Immersive Generic Dialogues
Immersive Settlers
Improved Map with Visible Roads
Insult to Injury – Survival Limb Damages
Journal of the Sole Survivor – Personal Journal
Laser Weapons 1st Person Reposition
Less Repetitive Shack Floors
Locky Bastard
Lootable Birds
Makeshift Battery Generator
Makeshift Molotovs
Mod Configuration Menu
More Noticeable Hit Effect
More Powerful Windmills
More Realistic Pipe Weapon Textures
N99 10mm Pistol – F4NV
NMC’s Texture Bundle
No Combat Boundaries
No Food for You
No More Disappearing Act – Cell Level Pre-culling Disabler
No More Leaping Ghouls
No More Teleporting Creatures
No Stim for You
OCDecorator – Static Loot
Old World Plaids
Patch Job – Fill Those Holes
Paladin Danse Face Clean Up
Pet – Call – Feed Dogmeat
Piper’s Outfit Retexture
Place Everywhere
Planted Plantable – No More Floating Razorgrain and Corn
Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar V2.5A
PreWar Binoculars
Prydwen 2K Textures
Prydwen Food Vendor
Publick Occurrences Expanded
Publick Occurrences Expanded – Typeset Version
R76 – Recipes76 (chem and food recipes from Fallout 76)
Ragdoll Collision
Realistic Meat Drop for Survival Mode
Realistic Purified Waters
Realistic Ragdoll Force
Rebuild – Modular Sanctuary Pre-War and Post-War Build Set
Scavenged Wastes
Scavenger_the Search for Scrap
Scavver’s Backpacks
Scavver’s Settlement Kit
Scrap Everything
Settlement Menu Manager
Silent Protagonist
Silent UI
Sit Anywhere
SKK Fast BOS (Arkjet Triggers Prydwen)
Smaller Power Conduits
Smokeable Cigars – Cigarettes – Joints – With Hardcore Auto Save
Some Assembly Required (Power Armor Overhaul)
Subjective Cinematic Dialogue Camera
The Cozy Scavver – A Settlement Workshop Kit
Thematic and Practical
Tidy Settlers
Tougher Virtibirds
True Grass
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch
Valentine’s Coat 2K Retexture
Vivid Fallout – All in One
Wall Oil Lamps


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