Fire & Ice: Winter Woodlore, Bushcraft & Survival Skills

Fire & Ice: Winter Woodlore, Bushcraft & Survival Skills

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Note: Fire & Ice is now a 2-day (overnight) course.

It’s a whole different world in The Cold and The White. The unexplored 4th season. The quiet and calm.
Learn to be comfortable in the cold, confident in the white: fire-making in cold and snowy conditions, constructing snow shelters and open-fronted emergency shelters, best practices for melting snow, signaling for help, and more. Before you head out this Winter, check out Fire & Ice.

In our 2-day winter survival course, we’ll trek to our Field Site, you’ll build your own emergency shelter for the night (and sleep in it!), learn to confidently and reliably start fires in winter, and learn the tips and tricks it takes to get through a night in the Rockies at this time of year.

What You’ll Learn in This Field Course
-The Cold and the White – winter ecology, snow science, wet vs dry snow, selecting appropriate footwear and clothing, s/s of hypothermia and cold injury
-Shelter – methods of heat loss, concepts of shelter design and construction, build multiple shelters including a lean-to and emergency snow shelter
-Fire – 5 stages of fire, modern & emergency fire ignition methods, tinder bundles, sleeping beside a fire
-Water – appropriate methods for, accessing, melting and disinfecting snow
-Knives – selection, safe & efficient use
-Gear to Carry when entering the back-country in winter
-Signaling for help
-Winter Travel – using & making snowshoes and sleds for hauling gear

Location Of The Course:
Gone Feral’s Field School – North of Ward, Colorado – Local driving directions provided upon registration.