First Aid Kit – Plate Carrier

First Aid Kit – Plate Carrier

A look at the Plate Carrier First Aid Kit/Trauma Kit by Phokus designed to fit inside the plate carrier or body armor of a soldier. It provides the same medical items, compared to external kits, to treat the most common injuries sustained in direct action combat: Facial/Head Trauma, Airway/Breathing, and Hemorrhage/Severe Bleeding control. The pros to this design: compact, mobile, reduces the space on the plate carrier to accommodate other pouches, contains the items necessary to treat, the plate carrier does not need to be removed. Cons: the plastic sheath is a one-time-use container, once used the items within must be carried in a pocket if not discarded/used, can be difficult to access depending on situation, the sheath cannot easily be re-packed into the carrier after use, potential damage to kit due to combat. Recent training demonstrated this kit is a viable option compared to traditional external kits. We developed a lanyard for ease of access. A recommendation to adjacent units would be communicating this method and the TTPs associated with the kit to alert these units. Unsure as to resupply of the kit in a field scenario which may require additional kits anyway. I hope you like this video with a unique kit. Enjoy!


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