Interactive First Aid CPR Training Video

Interactive First Aid CPR Training Video

This video focuses on the importance of learning First aid and CPR techniques. It will allow you to offer medical assistance to a person suspected with illness or injury until any professional medical aid arrives. It truly increases the chance of survival of the affected person.

Medical emergency is an accident happen every day at work, home and public places. You need to be prepared to assist injured person anytime.

Funame: Jack Jack Jack I need you.
Jack: Something wrong.Coming honey.

In this first aid program you will be learning variety lifesaving skills by learning how to respond and apply first aid. You will have to save someone’s life.

Jack: Funame? Somebody help me.
Emergency aid service provider: 911. What is the emergency?
Woman: You need to help.
Emergency aid service provider: OK mam. Can you Calm down and tell me what the emergency is?
Woman: Oh! There is a woman dying on the ground. Funame. Overhear.
Emergency aid service provider: Can you see if anyone is doing CPR?
Woman: No. No one is doing anything. She is dying. Need to help.

The information you will learn in this course and the decision you make as a first aider in an actual emergency can mean the difference between life and death. You will be trained using of ideas, practical hands on skills in this course to assist the casualty. Your first aid training will prepare you to provide ongoing care until emergency medical services arrive to provide medical help. First you will review a few terms on first aid. First aid is the immediate assistance given to a person with suspected injury or illness. A First aider is a person who takes charge of an emergency scene and provides first aid. Casualty is a person with a suspected injury or illness. Medical help is the treatment or supervision given by a medical doctor or is designate at an emergency scene while transporting a casualty or at a medical facility. You are going to provide quick and appropriate first aid to specific age groups. The following age guidelines are used to help determine which technique to use.
– Infants are under one year of age
– A Child is from one year to eight years of age and an adult is eight years of age and over

Here are the benefits of participating in a first aid program, which include:

– It can improve safety awareness and thereby prevent injury and illness in the workplace.
– It can help save lives.
– It can prevent injuries from becoming more serious.
– It allows candidates to assess and apply appropriate CPR and first Aid in the workplace
– It can improve recovery time through prompt and accurate treatment
– It places the incident on record for future reference if required

Your instructor will lead you through the necessary demonstration for each skill.
After you learn to perform each skill you will get to practice them in a similar emergency situation. This will help you to remember the skills when you need them the most.
You have your work cut out for you. We hope you enjoy your training.



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