Is This $15 First Aid Kit Any Good? IN FIELD

Is This $15 First Aid Kit Any Good? IN FIELD

We take the KTM 690 Enduro R motorcycle up to a wilderness location and discuss this $15 First Aid Kit (FAK). I bring along my own built “Level 1 Plus” FAK for comparison and this kit is “assigned” to this motorcycle system. Expect to be surprised! You might think this cheapo “Be Smart Get Prepared” kit would be a joke…it isn’t. While not comprehensive it fits some good stuff in its small nylon pouch and it would be any easy task to add items (SEE BELOW). It is extremely affordable as are the even better BSGP ones shown below. You’ll see that my Level 1 Plus will have more trauma capabilities however and a philosophy discussion ensues, always a good reminder. Filmed at the base of beautiful Mt Timpanogos at 9,000 ft elevation, this FAK reminder to the audience will get back on track for FAK preparation!

Be Smart Get Prepared (BSGP) 201 Piece First Aid Kit 201 Piece KIT RECOMMENDED, even better case, just a few more dollars:
CELOX Hemostatic Agent (quick clot granules!):
FOUND THEM, 6MIL 6×8 heavy clear storage bags, the ones I use:
BSGP 100 Pc FAK w hard case, ONLY $9!:
BSGP 200 Pc FAK w RED SOFT case, ONLY $22!:
BSGP 200 Pc FAK w HARD case, ONLY $22!: h
BSGP FAKs shown:
KLEIN TOOL POUCH I use for my own FAKs:
4×4 Gauze pads to plus up kit:
Wrap Gauze rolls to plus up kit:
Johnson & Johnson Microsorb 4×4 pads, great stuff for blood absorbtion:
Nextcare elbow/knee bandages SHOWN:
I don’t rec this kit for civilians; light on bandaging and has things for GSW you won’t need in ROL, you don’t need a combat kit…yet:
Brother P Touch labelmaker, label your pouches!:
BD Alcohol pads, THE BEST:
BURN FREE gel packs, rec’d:

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