Kemp Professional Trauma bag/EMS/EMT/PARAMEDIC BAG/First responder bag

Kemp Professional Trauma bag/EMS/EMT/PARAMEDIC BAG/First responder bag

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—–Here I review my first-in trauma bag. Its the Kemp professional trauma bag and is designed sorta for an ALS bag. Its been the bag I use as my trauma/edc/BLS ems bag in my car. Has all the BLS equipment needed for a general medical call. Though its set up as a trauma bag, it has resuscitation supplies, and other basics. From this kit I got hemorrhage supplies, isolation gear, external irrigation/flushing for wounds, bandaging and wound care, immobilization supplies, and assessment supplies. This bag has been through a lot of rough use, probably more than any other bag ive owned. its held up through it and fits my needs with organizing my bls responder stuff. Id recommend this bag to anyone in the prepping world to keep medical supplies and of course EMS/FIRE and even police.

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