Mary And John’s Adventure Full Of Riddles And Puzzles

Mary And John’s Adventure Full Of Riddles And Puzzles

It’s time to have a fun brain workout with Mary and John’s adventure full of riddles and puzzles! These tricky brain teasers will test your IQ, improve your logic, and increase your survival skills. You’ll get a huge boost of energy and will be productive for a longer period of time! Also, I’ll be waiting for your thoughts on these brain games in the comments 😉

00:46 – Check this short but tricky riddle out and boost your logic! 4 people were hitchhiking at a gas station. Most of them looked pretty suspicious. Who should John and Mary give a ride to?

01:36 – This riddle on escape will test your ability to think outside the box! The rainbow led John and Mary to a forest. They left their car and walked. Several hours later they came across an old hut. They walked inside. Suddenly, the door slammed behind them. There were 3 doors that led to freedom. Behind the first door were venomous spiders. Behind the second door were arrows. They were flying across at head height. Behind the third door was a thirty-foot drop. Which door should John and Mary choose?

02:39 – It’s time to test your survival skills! John and Mary got out of the enchanted hut. They were very tired. Time to lie down and rest! John woke up an hour later. Mary had disappeared. He started looking for her. Half an hour later, he fell into a 6-foot deep pit. It started to pour. Soon the pit would flood! There’s a big problem…John can’t swim. There are some things in the pit:
A 6-foot long rope, a big ball, a saw. How can John get out?

03:54 – Here is another mind-blowing quiz that will test your intelligence! John kept looking for Mary. He came across a witch’s castle. The witch had kidnapped Mary. She had turned her into a mouse. John found the witch’s book of potions. It had the antidotes in it! He looked through the book. Which potion did the witch use?
Potion 1: a slice of pumpkin, a slice of red apple, water, an orange wedge.
Potion 2: a chamomile petal, half a green apple, two garlic cloves.
Potion 3: an orange wedge, a garlic clove, a chamomile petal, a banana peel.
What potion did the witch use?

06:03 – Speed up your brain with this last brainy puzzle that will test your analytical thinking! John and Mary made it out of the castle. They kept chasing the rainbow. Suddenly, they saw a small man. He offered them a bag of money. To get the bag they had to guess a riddle. The small man wouldn’t reward just anyone. Only smart people deserved his money. He showed them four coins. He said there was something wrong with three of them. Which coin is real?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which question was the hardest for you!

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