Matthew Stein (RIP) – Survival Skills in the Event of War, Financial Collapse or EMP Attack

Matthew Stein (RIP) – Survival Skills in the Event of War, Financial Collapse or EMP Attack

I just found out (a day after posting this classic interview), that Mat Stein passed away just a few days ago. I had no idea when I reuploaded this video. It was just a sudden urge to do so because of the relevance of the material. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mat’s friends and family. RIP.

This is an ENCORE presentation from 2014. Re-uploaded due to its relevance as you may find this useful.

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S y n o p s i s

Folks, don’t ask me why I’m adding this interview here. I simply had the urge to do so after receiving messages from people in multiple states showing transformers blowing up, not only in New York, but in Louisiana and Ohio. We know the fires in California are questionable and blue skies in New York at night are too. The interview below, although recorded in 2014, might as well had been recorded TODAY. Look at the title.

The danger to the US power grid is finally being reported accurately but not in its totality. There are two basic threats to the power grid:

The first threat consists of a EMP taking down the grid, or some facsimile of this event through a cyber-attack. The Naval War College estimated that within two years of such an event 90% of all Americans would be dead. America would cease to exist as a nation. From what I am reading, this threat is still being understated and the ease of this threat being carried out is being underestimated.

If you think the above threat(s) is grave, the threat to our nuclear power plants is the most severe threat mankind could face except maybe for a direct strike of a mile-wide asteroid off one of our coastlines.

Even our discussion about Ebola is relevant today. From today’s news: U.S. health-care worker with possible exposure to Ebola evacuated to Nebraska


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