Minecraft: Nether Survival S2 Ep 1

Minecraft: Nether Survival S2 Ep 1


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———————————————————————————— Hey guys this is axel178 and this is season 2 of my nether survival series, i am using a couple mods the main one is NetherCraft search it up on google, or look no further then here:

Also read this story which is also found on the netherCraft forum

Legends of the Beginning

In the beginning, there was nothing but Netherrack and Lava, and the other parts of the terrain not mentioned here. Eventually, after a mortal dies, their soul may go down into the Nether if they’ve done wrong in their life. Most of these souls simply turn in to Soul Sand. All of the souls are constantly pleading to be let out. They will pull anything that walks on it. However, some of the more evil souls turn into Ghasts. Both of these are guardians of the Nether. Ghasts keep out intruders, with the help of the Soul Sand, which slows down the intruders, making Ghasts’ horrible aim still deadly. Ghasts feed on souls that are coming into the nether, a small cost for their vital protection.
As you travel through the vast labyrinth of the Nether, vast columns of lava can be seen gushing through the overhanging bedrock. Since the Nether is only slightly similar to the surface world, it sees regular heat and cold flashes … once every millennium. As the lands of this territory of fire started to reduce in temperature, the pillars of fire started to slow down, and eventually stopped. Over the years, small drops of the original lava flow collected, and conjugated in their respective areas. As each drop pooled on the ceiling, the eternal light that shone in it turned to glass. By the time the Nether started to heat up the environment, great stalactites have formed of a bright yellow glass, illuminating the surrounding landscape. Now, if you brake this glass dust will fall out, showing the vast impurities that the lava held an entire five centuries ago.


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