Most Essential Equipment to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Most Essential Equipment to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

6. Duct Tape
In what possible way could duct tape be useful in the zombie apocalypse? More like in what ways are they not!? First of all, duct tape works great for setting up zombie traps and it can definitely be used to set up trip wires. Also, let’s say that one of your friends has become bitten by a zombie and you know it will be only hours before they start to go crazy and try to start eating you. You might find this a little easier than shooting your best friend in the head with a shotgun. Duct tape can also be used for securing weak parts in home, used for armor, clothing, repair your equipment or even tape shut a zombie’s mouth! It’s there so many ways to use it, and you don’t always know when you’re going to need it or why, it’s just best have some with you.

5. Crowbar
The crowbar is another essential tool that will prove to be quite useful in the apocalyptic world. During your journey throughout the apocalyptic wasteland you may come across some crates or doors that need to be opened in order for you to loot supplies. Crowbars allow you to deconstruct objects carefully so you can even loot the nails, if you need them enough. This simple metal tool is extremely cheap and can be made from valuable metal. Looting is going to be one of your best ways to gather supplies and if you’re not a professional locksmith, a good ole crowbar. Many rave about the crowbars effectiveness as a zombie weapon as well. Some might even modify it with duct tape for extra grip. The hook of the crowbar adds extra damage to the skull which should be pretty lethal to a zombie and could be one of the best weapons to finished off a wounded zombie. One or two swings should be all it needs.

4. Video Camera
Most electronics won’t prove to be too useful or you might run out of battery at some point but a video camera can prove to be useful especially if you’re working as a team. If you’re able to videotape a zombie, scientists will be able to study it and you’ll be able to understand better what the symptoms are with the virus. You can learn better ways to exterminate them, and how to protect yourself. Other cameras may prove to be useful with the addition of infrared and or night vision to help you navigate your way through the dark. Some useful items like a power pot which runs on boiling water can generate enough energy to power charge your electronics.

3. Armor
It’s not just zombies you’re going to have to worry about during the zombie apocalypse, it’s people you’re going to have to watch out for too, and people know how to use gun. If you’re able to come across some kind of bullet proof vest during your journey through the apocalyptic world, you will certainly want to take it. Although you can possibly survive the apocalyse with no armor, having armor will be crucial if you ever consider taking over another human outpost who has a large stockpile of weapons, food, ammunition, water, etc.

2. Swiss Army Knife
Any kind of knife is certainly going to be useful but it doesn’t always need to be used as a weapons. Knifes used as weapons during the zombie apocalypse, put you just a little bit too close to the infected. There are intense Swiss Army Knife like gadget is equipped with wire cutters to help you clip through chain link fences. They can also features useful tools like saws and hammers to aide you in constructing a stronghold. Don’t forget about the steel serrated and straight blades that will cut through zombie flesh with ease, if you have to use it that. Firearms take a lot cleaning and ammunition which may make it difficult maintain. Swiss army knives such as the The Leather MUT EOD multi tool is designed to work with harmony weapons such as the AR-15 which will help you clean, maintain many different firearms especially those used by the military. But you come across one during your escape from the undead, this also features cleaning rods and a disassembly punch to aid you in the maintenance of a fire. Here you have useful tools and weapons to keep you from becoming zombie food. This gadget will cost you about 169 dollars but it could be well worth it.

We all know the setbacks with firearms during the zombie apocalypse. The noise can attract too many zombies and give away your location but, you’re basically a sitting duck without one during the zombie apocalypse. Relying solely on melee weapons will prove to be a bad choice especially if you find yourself in the middle of a zombie swarm. One of them will get you eventually. But if you’re skilled enough to aim for the head and hit your target, this could at least give you enough time to run away. Silencers are also an option if you know how to make one or if you’re able to purchase it. Firearms will also make hunting easy if you find yourself in the woods for a long period of time. Get yourself something powerful but lightweight. Something like a glock 9mm or a Desert eagle are a great choice!