Most Powerful+Painful Sabre Ruger Stun Gun Tactical Survival Prepping

Most Powerful+Painful Sabre Ruger Stun Gun Tactical Survival Prepping

Sabre, the #1 brand used by police and the leading name in personal safety products, has joined forces with RUGER to add additional personal safety products to its growing collection. The RUGER Pepper Gel contains 25 bursts and a 12 foot range for protection against multiple threats at a safe distance. The finger grip provides increased accuracy and the flip top safety (the same firing mechanism used by police officers) allows for safe, fast and immediate deployment while preventing accidental discharge.

It might be cheap but for the price vs a Taser this one is the one to get. Not only its much cheaper it is as effective, easy to use and best of all lightweight and small.

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The easy-to-use RUGER Personal Alarm features an extremely loud 130dB alarm and has an audible range up to 1,000 feet, providing a great way to call for help in a dangerous situation. This compact, easy-to-carry alarm also features an LED light to help find objects or locate locks in the dark.

The included snap clip easily attaches to a backpack, purse, or bag, for instant access when you’re on-the-go. The RUGER Tactical Stun Gun with LED Flashlight has an impressive pain producing 1.46 uC (microcoulomb) charge causing intolerable pain for reliable protection when you need it most. In addition, the 120 lumen flashlight with three settings (including strobe!), can disorient a threat a distance and help guide you to safety. Built tough with aircraft steel, yet uncomfortable enough to use with rubberized grip and wrist strap, this stun gun provides the protection you need without sacrificing quality or ease of use.

This unparalleled self-defense collection brings you the very best of two global brands that put safety center stage.The Popular – And Dangerous – Stun Gun Myth

Myth: Voltage indicates stun gun strength.

Fact: What indicates strength is microCoulombs, which measures charge (current x time).

‘Delivered charge’ is the best indicator of the potential electro-stimulation. It is measured in microCoulombs.

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