My First Aid Kit for Bushcraft, Fishing & Wild Camping

My First Aid Kit for Bushcraft, Fishing & Wild Camping

I’ve received a number of requests to do a video on a basic first aid kit for Bushcraft, Fishing and Survival. This is my first aid kit, it is tailored to suit my needs, your needs might be different so please don’t take this video as a “you must have this” type of thing. Take from it what you want. I explain everything that is in my first aid kit and why it is in there. I hope it is helpful to some of you and feel free to share what you guys keep in your first aid kits in the description below.

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2 elastic PBT bandages 7.5×4.5cm
1 elastic crepe bandage 10×4.5cm
10 adhesive plasters
1 adhesive tape
1 pair of scissors
1 non-adherent wound pad 5x5cm
6 assorted safety pins
5 hand wash cleaning wipes
1 pair of latex gloves
2 mouth to mouth resuscitation pieces in separate pouches with keyrings
A must have first aid kit during every outdoor activity. Ideal for hiking, camping and fishing.

External dimensions: 5.1”x3.9”x2.8” (13x10x7cm)
Weight: 310g
Material: 100% Polyester
Manufacturer: Pentagon
Manufacturer’s number: K19029