Phokus Research Advanced Vehicle Trauma Kit Review

Phokus Research Advanced Vehicle Trauma Kit Review

Even if you don’t currently have the skill to use all of the contents in this bag I still recommend buying it for 2 reasons. 1) It might be used on you by someone else with greater medical knowledge. 2) You should eventually learn how to use all of the gear in this kit.

There are a lot of medical kits in the marketplace but today we’re reviewing and showing the contents of the Phokus Research Advanced Vehicle Trauma Kit for two reasons:
1. This is one of the most complete kits we’ve seen for someone who has been or is being trained in TCCC or TECC.

2. While this kit is a great choice for the individual who is trained in a wider variety of medical skills, it is just as great for someone who only has basic skills (applying a tourniquet or wound packing), as this kit has the necessarily supplies to accomplish those tasks. If finances are tight, we wouldn’t recommend buying this kit if your current skill level is very basic, but if money isn’t an issue, we’d absolutely recommend buying this kit for beginner-advanced, because you can always work your way towards more complex skills, and this kit will have the supplies that are required for that.

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