Poisonous Toxic Plants & Flowers Wilderness Urban Survival “APOCALYPSE TIPS #2a” Shtf Grid down

Poisonous Toxic Plants & Flowers Wilderness Urban Survival “APOCALYPSE TIPS #2a” Shtf Grid down

This is a video bringing forward some of the USA and Worlds most toxic plants and flowers. The ones featured in this video are by no means the only toxic plants around. These are the most toxic and also common in the US either through Native species or transplantation throughout the years. This is the second installment in the Apocalypse Tips Series. Each installment will focus on skills or knowledge that is needed for long term survival in the wild or urban environments. These skills in this series will aid in survival in any man against nature situation.
Gear will come later. I have always felt it is the most beneficial to understand the physical and mental abilities we have before we buy a ton of gear. Gear is important, but knowledge definitely trumps it. Take what you can and leave the rest. Thanks for watching!
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