PRIMITIVE SKILLS and TRAPS in the WILD (ASMR) | Animal Traps and Snaring

PRIMITIVE SKILLS and TRAPS in the WILD (ASMR) | Animal Traps and Snaring

For GLOBAL AUDIENCE, NO WORDS, just natural sounds. Headphones are encouraged. Trapping animals using traditional method is still done today in my country using simple, easy to use snares. After we catch the snowshoe hare, we will cook them over open fire with a cast iron pot!

Easy method for staying alive in the wilderness!

I put this together to reach a non-English speaking worldwide/global audience so they can experience my traditional culture. Canada was founded on trapping animals for fur and food and Native American relied on this for a good portion of their daily calories.

Foraging a Meal:
Eating Groundhog:
Duck and More:
Ice Fishing Trout:
Canada Goose:
Hare and Grouse:
Black Squirrel:

Snowshoe hare and rabbits are great food if you can manage to trick them into going through your snare which then tightens.

Some may argue that this is not primitive technology, but it can be done with tree roots, although it is no longer legal to do so, instead we must use wire of a specific gauge as I have used here.

Here I will show you how to use simple metal snares to catch rabbit and hares.

These really are amazing wild animal traps. See these animal traps in action on trail camera!

This is an easy way to set a snare. These are deadly and should only be used to target animals that are in season and legal in your area.
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