PSK Survival Belt – My Bug Out Bum Bag

PSK Survival Belt – My Bug Out Bum Bag

My PSK survival belt or Bug Out Bum Bag, call it what you like. Whilst resting near the edge of a desert cliff one day, it occurred to me that all my gear was inside my pack about 10 metres behind me, my pockets weren’t big enough to comfortably carry a satellite phone so I came up with the PSK in a bum bag idea. The paracord bracelet and improvised sternum strap whistle are recent additions to this PSK bug out bum bag system.

Often while backpack hiking you will put your pack down to rest your back, it’s here that you could be in danger. Many people become separated from their backpack when they least expected it. This is why many hikers and climbers will carry a smaller bum bag or survival belt with some lightweight essentials. The PSK survival belt or bum bag needs to be lightweight and compact enough so that you can wear it for the entire day, only take it off when you’re hopping into your sleeping bag; in extreme cold I’ll keep the bum bag inside the sleeping bag to stop the satellite phone from freezing.

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