Rain, Shelter, Shovel and Fire – UK Bushcraft / Survival

Rain, Shelter, Shovel and Fire – UK Bushcraft / Survival

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A video of 3 parts showing me building a shelter in deciduous forest (when there are no leaves on the trees), close look at the ChaFon compact emergency shovel and some fire lighting from a friend who sent me his fire lighting video.

Shelter building – 01:49
ChaFon compact shovel – 28:11
Craig lights a fire – 32:21

ChaFon compact emergency shovel:
Maxpedition Condor II backpack:
Fjallraven Barents trekking trousers:
Harkila Pro Hunter 10″ Kevlar boots:

Panasonic HC-VX870
Rode stereo microphone:
Rode deadcat mic cover:

Link to Craig’s channel (the4kingdiggers):

Yes I know I call the ferrocerium rod a ‘fire steel’ by mistake a few times in this video but my brain was wet, lol
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