Rimworld: Vampire Prison #2 – Load Order File and Guide Included! (Hardcore Survival Modpack)

Rimworld: Vampire Prison #2 – Load Order File and Guide Included! (Hardcore Survival Modpack)

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He thought he was dead, he thought the nightmare was finally over, but once again he rose. This time though, things were different. It was no mad scientist in a lab bringing him back for twisted pleasure, this was his own doing. Perhaps a curse, perhaps the science that made him in the first place, or maybe… the raider that killed him last?

Jilp only knew two things from then on; hunger and vengeance.

=== Mod Info ===

Steam Workshop Collection:

A Dog Said… Animal Prosthetics By: spoonshortage
Achtung! By: Brrainz
Additional Joy Objects By: dninemfive
Allow Tool By: UnlimitedHugs
Alpha Animals By: Sarg Bjornson
Alpha Animals CE Patch By: Saebbi
Anesthetic Gun Mod[1.0] By: tikubonn
Animal Tab By: Fluffy
AnimalCollabProj By: Xen
Area Unlocker By: Fluffy
Beautiful Water By: CrunchyDuck *not a furry
Better Workbench Management By: falconne
Bionic icons By: AUTOMATIC
BioReactor By: Nukafrog
Camera+ By: Brrainz
Cleaning Priority By: ChippedChap
Color Coded Mood Bar By: semTex.
Common Sense By: avil
Damage Indicators By: Spdskatr
Dead Can Serve By: CaptainSnafu
DontBlockDoorMod[1.0] By: tikubonn
Draggable Corners By: sparr
Dubs Bad Hygiene By: Dubwise
Dubs Break Mod By: Dubwise
Dubs Mint Menus By: Dubwise
EdB Prepare Carefully By: edbmods
Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering By: Ykara
Faction Discovery By: Orion
Feed The Colonists By: PostRobcore
GloomyFurniture By: Nukafrog
Grand Rivers Reborn By: Meltup
Harvest Organs Post Mortem – 4.1 [1.0] By: Smuffle
Haul to Stack By: ItsComcastic
High quality textures By: AUTOMATIC
HugsLib By: UnlimitedHugs
Human Power Generator Mod By: FlashPoint55
Impassable Chest-deep Water By: Dropbear_Ninja.wa.au
In-wall coolers and vents [1.0] By: Hanabishi
JecsTools By: Jecrell
Just Ignore Me Passing By: Brrainz
Level Up! By: krafs
Mad Skills By: Ratysz
Medical Tab By: Fluffy
Megafauna By: Spino
MiningCo. Spaceship By: Rikiki
Mod Manager By: Fluffy
More Crashed Ship Parts By: [bhtp]Ataman
More Faction Interaction By: Mehni
More Furniture [1.0] By: Anonemous2
More Linkables By: 4loris4
More Trade Ships By: PinoChemicali
More Vanilla Turrets 1.0 By: Paradox
OgreStack By: Ogre
Optimization Mods: Owlchemist
Pawn Badge By: rangelreale
Pick Up And Haul By: Mehni
Please Haul Perishables By: Marvin
Powerful Faction Bases By: NilchEi
Prison Labor By: Avius
Prisoner Arena By: Not Lancer
QualityBuilder By: Hatti
QualitySurgeon By: Hatti
Quarry 1.0 By: Symons
Replace Stuff By: Uuugggg
ResearchPal By: Charlotte
Rim of Madness – Bones By: KingSihv
Rim of Madness – Vampires By: Jecrell
Rimatomics By: Dubwise
Rimefeller By: Dubwise
RimHUD By: Jaxe
RIMMSLoadUp By: Razuhl
RimQuest By: Jecrell
Rimsenal – Storyteller pack By: rooki12k
Rimworld Search Agency By: Killface
Roads of the Rim By: loconeko73
Roof Support 1.0 By: Match
Room Food By: Uuugggg
Run and Hide By: The Word-Mule
RuntimeGC By: user19990313
Search and Destroy By: roolo
Share The Load By: Uuugggg
Show Draftees Weapon By: Targhetti
Simply More Bridges By: Lanilor
Smart Speed By: Sarg Bjornson
Sometimes Raids Go Wrong By: Marvin
Statue of Colonist By: tammybee
Stockpile Stack Limit By: ilyaki
Ugh You Got Me By: Marvin
Vanilla Animals Expanded — Livestock By: Oskar Potocki
Vanilla Furniture Expanded By: Oskar Potocki
Vanilla Weapons Retextured By: Luizi
Various Space Ship Chunk By: tobe
VGP Vegetable Garden By: dismarzero
WeaponStats By: bodlosh
While You’re Up [1.0] By: kevlou
[1.0] Combat Extended By: N7Huntsman
[1.0] Dire Raids By: pyrce
[1.0] Graphics Setter – Fix your textures! By: Maxim
[1.0] Mass Graves By: vnihoul77
[CP] Prisoner Outfit (1.0) By: Chicken Plucker
[FSF] Complex Jobs By: FrozenSnowFox
[KV] Consolidated Traits – 1.0 By: Kiame Vivacity
[KV] In-Game Definition Editor – 1.0 By: Kiame Vivacity
[KV] RimFridge – 1.0 By: Kiame Vivacity
[RF] Rational Romance [1.0] By: Rainbeau Flambe
[RF] Realistic Planets [1.0] By: Rainbeau Flambe
[SYR] Doormats By: Syrchalis
[v1.0]-LinkableDoors By: Steardliy
[XND] AutoOwl By: XeoNovaDan

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