RUST | THREATENED & HARASSED by TOXIC KIDS (Group Survival/ Vanilla Gameplay)

RUST | THREATENED & HARASSED by TOXIC KIDS (Group Survival/ Vanilla Gameplay)

RUST | THREATENED & HARASSED by TOXIC KIDS (Group Survival/ Vanilla Gameplay)

This is RUST. Where the weak suffer and the strong flourish. You must search for food/hunt animals, gather resources to build a base, learn how to craft weapons/gear essential items, all while other survivors are trying to make what’s yours, theirs. (survival/fps)

In this video there is some pvp, salty kids, toxic kids, door camping, funny trolling, helping out new players, and giving away a base along with the guns and rest of the loot.

This was recorded on a vanilla server.
The video starts out with me doing some base renovations. As I’m adding a door for roof access a few kids come up and start harassing me. I kill one of them and begin trolling the guy outside which immediately triggers him and makes him a salty/ angry kid. It’s really funny. XD He does a bit of door camping for a while a decides he doesn’t want to end up like his friend so he leaves. Shortly after two of my buddies join me and another group comes along. We get threatened and harassed by them like usual. I get a double barrel and kill one and nearly get the other but I run out of ammo. I spawn outside and go for the loot but get headshot. After I respawn inside the base I get a revolver and end up making a play on the guy outside and getting all their gear and loot. They come back with more people and start saying some pretty toxic/graphic things which just goes to show how salty and angry these kids were that I killed them. We troll them for a while and they threaten to raid us but of course all they do is talk trash and leave. We meet our neighbors and end up having a super epic rock fight. After seeing how cool these guys were I decided to give them all the gear we got from the other kids and I also end up giving away the base to a new player. We had a great time in this group/trio survival and end up making some new friends in Rust. You don’t have to be a toxic idiot just cause your favorite youtuber or streamer acts that way. I hope you enjoy the video!

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I do all art, thumbnails, and editing myself

MUSIC (in no particular order)

Rust menu theme 2016- Roads

Rust theme May 2017- Fissure

Chillstep | Day 7 – The End (MixHound)

Carnival of Tomorrow – Glitch Hop – Royalty Free Music

Indiana Jones Theme Song [HD]

Mission Impossible Theme(full theme)

Parov Stelar – The Mojo Radio Gang

Parov Stelar – Chambermaid Swing (Official Audio)

Art of Silence – Dramatic / Cinematic [No copyright, Royalty free]

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toxic kids
salty kids
base giveaway

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